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Mix 99.5 FM has a 12,000 AQH.

TYPICAL PACKAGE: 28-spots-per-week schedule (once per daypart, Mon-Sun 6a-12m), at station's average unit rate of $120, costs $14,500 per month.

FM station needs to sell 40 such packages to be reasonably sold out.

$10.00, which is for audio only. Note: One of up to 8 spots per break

Our recommended approach: To avoid cannabalizing your FM sales, charge a premium CPM for your online listeners. (After all, they're upscale, attentive, and hard-to-reach, you're delivering a synchronized banner ad with each audio impression, you're only running one spot per break, and you'll give them a free title sponsorship of one of your channels.)

Mix 99.5 Online has a 500 AQH.

RECOMMENDED PACKAGE: 63-spots-per-week schedule (once every two hours, Mon-Sun 6a-12m) costs $2,000 per month. Bonus: Includes free title sponsorship of the Mix 99.5 "[British Invasion]" channel!*

Online station needs to sell 6 such packages to be sold out and profitable.

Other potential revenue streams: (A) Offer your top 12 FM advertisers one banner ad on the media player per hour @ $1 CPM -- i.e., $300 each -- for an extra $3,600 per month. (B) Sell a video gateway to one advertiser at a $20 CPM for an extra $2,000 per month.

$15.00, which is for audio plus synchronized banner ad. Note: Only spot in break!

  * Title sponsorship copy: "The Mix 99.5 British Invasion channel is brought to you by the fine people at Dave's Pizza, where they're listening to this channel right now. Hi, guys!").

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