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In the online world, consumers increasingly expect more from a "radio" product than a single, non-customizable, unicast stream. Consumers today expect a wide variety of choices, with a limited spot load, and with the ability to customize the stream to their tastes.

And that's exactly what Slipstream Radio can build for your radio station!

For example, if your radio station is "Oldies 108," we'll build a multichannel online version of Oldies 108, sponsored by your own local advertisers, with channels dedicated to Motown, surf rock, the British Invasion, bubblegum, folk-rock, and more, hosted by your own air personalities.

It will be a radio product specifically designed for Internet delivery.

And that's exactly what you need turn "online" into a growth strategy for your station, cluster, and broadcast group.

To learn more, contact Kurt Hanson at 1-312-527-3879.

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